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In addition to our line-up of in-person sessions at the conference in Keystone we are offering 8 hours of on-demand content through our learning center. This material will be pre-recorded and available right after the live conference. Please see below for the 8 sessions that will be included in this package:

Toxic EKG’s
Presented By: Russ Brown
The EKG can provide important clinical clues to our patients cardiac status. The importance of recognizing subtle signs of ischemia or infarction are paramount to clinical care. But what about the patient with a possible toxic ingestion? Can we use the EKG to provide us clinical clues as to the etiology of our patients presentation? Yes, we can!! This presentation will cover a spectrum of some of the more common ingestions we may encounter in EMS and break it down into a structured approach. Pattern recognition will be reinforced so you will be able to instantly recognize these potentially deadly EKG patterns and formulate a treatment plan that works.

Left Behind: Caring for the Living when a Patient Dies.
Presented By: Nancy Magee
Because EMS education and everyday conversations focus on rescues and “saves,” providers of any level of education or experience may be totally unprepared to manage the emotionally charged scenes where a life end, often unexpectedly, and sometimes violently. From death notifications to advance directives, we will talk about how to provide therapeutic communication and compassionate care when dealing with a loved one’s response to normal dying, and the shock, anger and hysteria that can be encountered in family members and witnesses to sudden, traumatic injuries and fatalities. We will also consider the mental and emotional toll these calls inflict on EMS responders, and how to deal with feelings of self- doubt, anger or disappointment and the ghosts that often linger long after the call is over.

That’s going to leave a mark: Trauma Case Studies
Presented By: Jason Martin
Treatment scenarios of impalements, amputations and crushed extremities will be covered. Detailed photos taken on scene as well as intraoperatively will keep attendees interested through each case as the patient goes through a trauma system. Certain cases involve patients taken from scene to lower level of care for stabilization and then ultimately transferred to a trauma center.

Current Trends in Cardiac Resuscitation For The BLS Provider
Presented By: Josh Poles
Large A.L.S. agencies profit from robust protocol development teams, while rural and some BLS agencies might wonder how their cardiac arrest treatment can be optimized. We will review current trends and science to help simplify, customize and improve cardiac resuscitation.

CVA: Stroke Care
Presented By: Dr. Shannon Sovndal
Stroke is a devastating. It is paramount that patients receive efficient, timely and effective care. I believe that the end goal is to bring the patient from a moment of impact (a stroke, for example) through the entire spectrum of care in order to get them home to their family. I will review the concepts of stroke in general. I will flow through EMS evaluation and care. Then discuss the patients treatment options through the hospital system.

Shocking! Shock for BLS and ALS Providers
Presented By: Josh Poles
Recognizing and treating shock remains a pillar of pre-hospital care. The recognition and management of patients with shock can challenge even the most experienced, especially in pediatric patients. We will review the basic tenants of shock and discuss what Emergency Medical Responders can do to treat adult and pediatric patients.

When the Pump Goes Bad: Heart Failure
Presented By: Chris Mulberry
An accurate diagnosis of heart failure is critical to providing the proper treatment, it can be clinically obvious but there are times that it is less clear. What does the evidence say about the assessment and treatments that we provide? Are we providing a benefit or harm?


This year’s conference offers 70+ presentations which may be used for National Registry and/or Colorado EMS Provider recertification. To help you plan and document continuing education (CE) received at this year’s conference, below is the document that is intended to provide suggestions based on the conference schedule.


Physicians Forum:
Please check back to learn more about what the physicians forum has to offer. Please note that a full conference registration includes this specific session already, if you are interested in just attending the physician forum on it’s own, please make that selection within registration.

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children: Pediatric Simulation Scenarios in the Mobile Training Center
We bring the simulation lab to you! With our state-of-the-art mobile training center, we can provide Pediatric simulation training scenarios in an ambulance or hospital setting. Our simulation scenarios provide training for the care of premature, newborn and pediatric patients.

EMS Escape Room:
Come and test your core knowledge by solving puzzles to see if you can escape the ambulance in time! You will have 60min to “Escape”! Feeling ambitious? Try out the ALS experienced provider room! Get together a group from your department, some EMS friends, or join a group as a solo provider!

IBSC Certification Exams*
Check back for more information and to register for this certification exam.